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Nov 1, 2023
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Do you tip when you go out to a restaurant?

If yes, how much do you often tip?
It depends, usually I do,
why does it depend? Many factors go into when and how much i tip someone. I base it on the price of the food, the waiter/waitress attentiveness, whether its busy or not.

If the waitress/waiter is attentive, checks the table at a consistent or to a relative amount. however it is not at a set in stone interval but if they regularly check up on their customers, top off glasses, if we don't have napkins or what not. Attempts to fix the order or issues that rise from ordering

Most times i usually go above the requested/required percentage

I do my best to make sure they are taken care of but at the same time I have had shitty waiters/waitresses that barely checked up on their customers, got orders corrected, checked if anything needs to be refilled, as well as make it a pleasant experience.

Another bit of information to think about

What does TIPS mean?
A: To Insure Proper Service = TIPS

Like i said I try to take care of them but if I am coming to an establishment to eat and what not and I get someone that shows poor attitude, doesnt care about their job nor the customers. I will not tip very well. I do understand we are all human and go through shit and still have to go to work but at the very least be pleasant with your customers as they are technically the ones paying your paycheck. Or go somewhere else.

We are all human and we make mistakes and i can overlook them if that person is accountable and attempts to make it right.
I haven't been to a restaurant in a long time but I always remember when I used to go with my family when we were on days out and then would always give or leave a little extra as a tip for the waitress.
I usually tip the waitress if they do a good job and good service.

I'm the same way. If they suck and have an attitude problem, like our waitress at Olive Garden did, I don't tip them at all.

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