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    new phone, who dis?

    new phone, who dis?
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    Good sources of protein

    What are some good sources of protein? Thinking beyond just meat, fish, poultry, etc. -Eggs -Eggplant -Nuts -Peanut Butter -Beans -Cottage Cheese -Tofu ...what else?
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    Who do you support?

    Who are your teams? English football -- Bolton Wanderers NHL -- Dallas Stars International football -- England men and women International hockey -- Great Britain and Finland
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    What are you currently listening to?

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    Any retro fans here?

    What are your favourite old school consoles and games? For me I was a big Sega fan growing up, so the SMS, Mega Drive/Genesis and the Saturn were my go-to consoles, but I still love the NES and SNES, as well. And the Game Boy/GBC So many great games from back then, including: -Excitebike...
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    What's your go-to operating system?

    Are you a Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc. fan? For me I run Windows 11, but I have a NAS with lots of Linux VMs for different things. Mobile I'm Android for now, but thinking about GrapheneOS or the Nothing Phone. Get the Google out of my Google products, lol :D
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    The Global Forum General Chat

    Was going to post a gif, whoops :D Your feet'll get wet very quickly, lol :D
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    The Global Forum General Chat

    Just getting my feet wet, how about yourself?
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    The Global Forum General Chat

    Hello :)
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    Welcome to

    Good to see this place back. I wasn't a part of the old, but I definitely remember it! Here's to renewed success!